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Make this actually work for lots of favs

Don't know if somehting changed or this was just always semi-broken
(probable), but noticed today it wasn't adding any new favs when I knew
for a fact I had some; Perhaps, also, I have a lot more favs than when I
first wrote this.

Previously this assumed that the response returned all favs for a site
whereas actually by default it returns just 30. Perhaps by luck I'd been
picking up new ones because of using "sort=activity"; a strange choice
on it's own as if I'd used "sort=added" and run this fairly regularly
perhaps I'd never had noticed any issue? Anyway, now it does the correct
thing which is pull 100 at a time and look for the has_more parameter in
what is returned so it knows whether it needs to fetch another page.

This does mean get_favs now returns an array of items (makes more sense)
than the actual encompassing response as it used to. Leaf check-in: 09c6947036 user: tags: master, trunk

Add basic caching to speed up adding new bookmarks

Since have to (well should do, to be nice) rate limit quite a lot it can
be slow to add new bookmarks to Pinboard when we are checking Pinboard
for every single StackExchange fav. Keep a local cache of items already
added to Pinboard.

Some things I have to do (note to self):

- Check for success on Pinboard add before adding to cache
- Consider removing bookmarks on Pinboard for unfaved StackExchange
items? Leaf check-in: 29383c0dea user: tags: origin/master, trunk

:Merge branch 'master' of check-in: 2f9937b611 user: tags: origin/master, trunk
Updates for StackExchange API and Ruby 2.X

- As a result of previous commit, discovered that Ruby open-uri now
seems to automatically decompress Gzip data so parsing of responses is
more simple now.
- Also, update the API version
- Use instead of string as some responses are too long for
string and get written to a tempfile
- Ensure we are making no more than 30 requests/sec check-in: cb04e6d1bf user: tags: origin/master, trunk

Improvements to Pinboard code. Now a class, uses json and logger

I used the Pinboard code from this script as a basis for some Jekyll
syndication code I'm putting together elsewhere. I then made
changes/improvements to it which I've decided to port back over here. I
guess eventually I'll end up making my own Pinboard gem. Maybe.

Some corresponding changes to the script were necessary such as command
line arguments for Pinboard username and token, and re-ordering of method
arguments. check-in: c8517a3a50 user: tags: origin/master, trunk

Re-license as BSD 2-Clause check-in: 8f4aec9ed8 user: tags: origin/master, trunk
Create LICENSE check-in: 2bbacd3320 user: tags: origin/master, trunk
Typical, spot something I missed as soon as I push check-in: d45e2bb088 user: tags: origin/master, trunk
Initial commit: Works for me, your mileage may vary, etc, etc check-in: 6beb1d0a21 user: tags: origin/master, trunk