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#StackExchange Favourites to Pinboard

Import all your StackExchange site (Stackoverflow, Super User, Cross Validated, etc) favourites to Pinboard. Because amazingly no-one else seems to have done this. And yes, this is how I write Ruby code, tabs as well - if you think this is bad style you should see my Haskell.

##To Use

Run ruby /path/to/stackexchange-favs-to-pinboard.rb -i StackExchangeID -t PinboardAPIToken

You can get your Pinboard API token on your password tab of the settings page. Your StackExchange ID, is what you get when logged in to itself - this is probably different from your Stackoverflow ID, etc.

Since it does not overwrite existing bookmarks you can safely run it every so often to bring in new ones.


Nowt beyond Ruby. I am aware there are Gems for StackExchange, but most of them seem to assume you are targeting just one site (Stackoverflow), not any/all StackExchange sites you may use. There is also at least one really good Gem for Pinboard, but it just seemed overkill for the one API function I wanted to use, plus I don't think it rate limits.