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Change order of commands

All because it bugged me typing:

haskerdeux today moveto 1 2020-08-25

I.e. it just didn't scan well. I suppose I could just have reworded that as
"move", but I thought it'd be "fun" to be able to do this:

haskerdeux today 1 moveto 2020-08-25

The only problem with this is that parsing the arguments was much easier when
the first one was a date and the second the command. Now we have the second
argument sometimes being the command and sometimes being a number:

haskerdeux today new "New thing todo" haskerdeux today 1 moveto 2020-08-25

Anyway, this solves it with a bit of parsing and re-arranging up front and then
passes things through as before. I removed the `when` clause as it was entirely
redudant (well, it offered a more graceful/silent failure if it couldn't parse
the command line args, but that's it) check-in: 3cee74c3f9 user: atomicules tags: origin/issue1, trunk, master

Hlint changes

Had to hlint on another computer... cannot get it to install on NetBSD check-in: 9a429ebc79 user: atomicules tags: origin/issue1, trunk, master

Handle any case of short day: Mon, mon, MON, etc.

Just because it'll be easier for me to use lowercase. check-in: 386fcc875a user: atomicules tags: origin/issue1, trunk, master

Support using "Mon", "Tue", etc aswell as "today", "tomorrow"

Works well, but not having hlint means my code is messy. Could do with a
further commit that means I can use lower case. And probably lots of tidying
up. check-in: beb9ee5fca user: atomicules tags: origin/issue1, trunk, master

Add `nextweek` command to move todos to "next" Monday

I.e. whatever day of the week the todo is on it'll be moved to the next Monday.
I find myself doing this a fair bit and it's actually fiddly via the web
interface. I could do with figuring out handling multiple todos at once at some
point. check-in: ca6b54431e user: atomicules tags: origin/issue1, trunk, master

Follow-up to previous commit - remove all trailing slashes from apiurls

And add to the put and delete where needed.

This is better and more consistent. Also works. Odd that things magically broke
before though. check-in: 06a6b89ac2 user: atomicules tags: origin/issue1, trunk, master

Always reference cookie files from home dir; API url changes

I forgot to commit the cookie changes awhile back so they've got caught up in a commit fixing the API urls.

The cookie stuff just makes sense. Previously the cookie files were stored in the same directory we were running haskerdeux from, which could lead to multiple files. Makes sense to reference one location (home directory).

The API changes I found when this stopped working: https://atomicules.co.uk/2017/08/27/Remind-to-Teuxdeux.html

Which is friggin' annoying as I almost forgot about Mothering Sunday.

Anyway, it seems some of the URLs haven't so much changed, but now don't like trailing slashes in some cases.

- new, post, can't have trailing slash
- crossoff, put, needs trailing slash
- putoff, put, can't have trailing slash
- moveto, put, can't have trailing slash
- remove, delete, needs trailing slash

Yay for consistency!

Hmm... actually I might tweak this further on a following commit as the puts don't make sense to me. check-in: 4af11b69a0 user: atomicules tags: origin/issue1, trunk, master

Add comment for future list usage support check-in: 0fe877fd3b user: atomicules tags: origin/issue1, trunk, master
Handle automatic re-login on each separate curl call

I.e. rather than check the validity of the token each time by making a
curl call to get a list of todos (whatever action is being performed)
just assume the token is valid and wait for the actual action to fail.
Relogin at that point and re-call that action.

It's still messy, but I think this approach is right - it'll just be my
implementation of it that lets the side down. check-in: 76a89c1a9b user: base@atomicules.co.uk tags: origin/issue1, trunk, master

Sort out markup in README check-in: a393b4c91b user: base@atomicules.co.uk tags: origin/issue1, trunk, master