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Reference commit - Attempt to get crossoff working

Commiting this and then changing tack. This *should* work, but doesn't.
I'm going to give up with Network.Curl and libcurl and just try system
calls to curl command line tool as I can get things to work there.

For this attempt:

- I switched from passing curlheaders around to just the
token so I could later the headings for the PUT request.
- Tried all the headers I could, but it just hangs. I.e. added in
content-length and blanked out Expect to get rid of the 100 response
thing (which I thought was causing the hang, but still hangs.)
- Removed some putStrLn I was using for debugging
- Removed some CurlVerbose for the same reason Leaf check-in: fb2b1427c2 user: base@atomicules.co.uk tags: neux-api-libcurl, origin/issue1, trunk

Add Abandonware note to README check-in: 225bfadbdf user: atomicules@users.noreply.github.com tags: old-api, origin/issue1, trunk