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History of pwman2op.lisp

Remove outdated comment file: [3498bba650] check-in: [e3c3ae3637] user: atomicules branch: master, size: 5380
Remove some of the unnecessary prints and comments file: [f8872d0a2d] check-in: [1baafd9e95] user: atomicules branch: master, size: 5410
Much more sensible escaping of quotes I'd tried unicode before, but couldn't get it to work, I think because I was missing an extra backslash that is required for some reason. file: [00e1307635] check-in: [2165591f67] user: atomicules branch: master, size: 5613
Handle single and double quotes. Update README with assumptions Quite a hacky mess to handle single and double quotes but seems to work. This was the test file used: ``` <?xml version="1.0"?> <PWMan_PasswordList version="3"><PwList name="Main"><PwList name="SECURE-NOTES"><PwItem><name>test 1</name><host>http://sn</host><user>me</user><passwd/><launch>Stuff '</launch></PwItem><PwItem><name>test 2</name><host>http://sn</host><user>me</user><passwd/><launch>Stuff "</launch></PwItem><PwItem><name>test 3</name><host>http://sn</host><user>me</user><passwd/><launch>Stuff ;</launch></PwItem></PwList></PwList></PWMan_PasswordList> ``` file: [1aef60a015] check-in: [e97152f612] user: atomicules branch: master, size: 5801
Some spaces to tabs file: [e1d2194f8d] check-in: [c039cd9bd1] user: atomicules branch: master, size: 5332
Tidy up script and README. Initial working version. - Remove a lots of dud comments - Remove unnecessary print statements - Add some better print statements to provide output during op creation - Leave file decryption commented out and add comments explaining why - Move mapping comments to README - Complete list of known issues/limitations - Enable deletion of decrypted file at the end file: [960a42ecc0] check-in: [2345f9058d] user: atomicules branch: master, size: 5336
Only send --url if it's a login item Not applicable for Secure Notes and op won't allow it. Using append and wrapping in a list because cons inserts at the front and this is no good for what we need. file: [782675adeb] check-in: [2c99721959] user: atomicules branch: master, size: 6265
Correctly identify Secure Notes, correctly send optional args - I had SECURE-NOTE whereas in my pwman it's SECURE-NOTES. Dur! - For creating items with op need to use args like: `--title=Title` not `--title Title`. Will have to see if things need quoting as well. - Remove some print statements file: [8a8ff4a5d3] check-in: [11718ac61a] user: atomicules branch: master, size: 6042
Initial commit of pwman2op It "works", but doesn't yet. Main issues are: - Seems to send everything as a Login item... but maybe that's correct based on my test data, need to check - Not setting titles - Not setting tags Update README to reflect that this repo now includes this file as well. file: [c8b3dffc7a] check-in: [81d3818ee0] user: atomicules branch: master, size: 5935 Added