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ListBox cloudgen block now runs in serial

* Because of threading used, if the user selected another item in the listbox
whilst the app was already running and generating a tag cloud, another
progress bar would appear, etc. This forces selections to run in serial,
i.e. will ignore the selection if cloud generator is already running
* Also resets list box selection to the set currently being used if user tries
to change whilst running
* Better future approach could be to cancel current cloud generation and start
again for new set selected. Debatable though... Leaf check-in: 4624b9404c user: tags: trunk, v0.0.2

First release candidate of App

* API Key and Shared secret in external file
* Separated app into different methods
* This allows redrawing. If new set is selected
redraws progress bar and tag cloud
* Added logout method to clear token
* Other GUI refinements:
- Click on username to show/hide token
- logout button
- progress bar nudged slightly to right check-in: 73a783ca97 user: tags: trunk, v0.0.1