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5 check-ins using file version 89f5050019

Add ruler below password to aid visual selection of individual chars

Been meaning to do this for AGES and I just never got around to it (I
always assume doing anything in C is going to be hard and it's just not
always the case). Anyway, did today.

This just adds a ruler/counter below the password field like so:

Password: djdhhfhfkjhfuwhuifbvcnotrealmdsnwehbweha

Which is a huge help for logins that say something along the lines of
"Enter character 15, 23 and 31".

God knows why I still use this password manager. Securty through
obscurity I guess. Leaf check-in: 8ed8a2d99f user: tags: trunk, tweaks

Merge branch 'manualheaven' into tweaks Leaf check-in: 91957153ef user: tags: origin/tweaks, trunk
Remove file that isn't used anyway

Just never knew that until moved away from autohell Leaf check-in: 29163ef9b2 user: tags: trunk, manualheaven

Needs reference to a definition of NULL now using new Makefile

I'm not sure how it got away with it before? check-in: 10c900ef1d user: tags: trunk, manualheaven

Add (initial) Makefile and in suckless style

Based on the and Makefile from suckless's sic actually. The
config.h is as was produced from the autohell setup. I'm sure it can be
simplified and improved. The and Makefile probably aren't
far off. check-in: fcc5ac8547 user: tags: trunk, manualheaven