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4 check-ins using file ui.c or src/ui.c version 01fe62e14d

Add ruler below password to aid visual selection of individual chars

Been meaning to do this for AGES and I just never got around to it (I
always assume doing anything in C is going to be hard and it's just not
always the case). Anyway, did today.

This just adds a ruler/counter below the password field like so:

Password: djdhhfhfkjhfuwhuifbvcnotrealmdsnwehbweha

Which is a huge help for logins that say something along the lines of
"Enter character 15, 23 and 31".

God knows why I still use this password manager. Securty through
obscurity I guess. Leaf check-in: 8ed8a2d99f user: tags: trunk, tweaks

Merge branch 'manualheaven' into tweaks Leaf check-in: 91957153ef user: tags: origin/tweaks, trunk
Avoid getting stuck in a loop when moving items

I have a habit of hitting m instead of M and then getting stuck in a
loop of "Sublist does not exist, try again" because there is no sublist
I can move to. Although the code is meant to allow you to break out of
this by pressing return (the answer[0] bit) it doesn't work for me
(perhaps because of the changes I made on ui_statusline_ask_str that
restore values on return?).

So instead of running it in a loop, just run it once on keypress - it's
not exactly a hassle to run it again if I do actually want to move an
item and type it wrong. check-in: 84a89d1e8e user: tags: origin/tweaks, trunk

Work-around for segfault & data corruption when secring is not available

A couple of things here:

1) I probably use PWMan in a way that wasn't intended: I only make my
secret key available to in temporarily, once authorised I delete the
secring.gpg file entirely so it isn't hanging about on a machine. So
when it times out I need to remember to copy my key back to the machine
before I try to re-authorise. Sometimes I forget and ...

2) It seems that for reasons I don't have the inclination or ability to
figure out, PWMan segfaults on exit when the secring.gpg isn't available
or is 0 bytes (or, probably, doesn't contain the required secret key).
This on it's own isn't a bad thing, but when it does this it also seems
to have a nasty habit of corrupting the password database; not always in
an immediately obvious manner so I can end up "backing up" this
corrupted version.

So as a workaround (for my usage circumstances), this fix checks whether
the secring file is 0 bytes and if it is waits until it isn't (I.e. I've
copied it back to the machine) before asking for re-authorisation.

This isn't perfect as it only waits once. I.e. if it recognises the
secring is available it'll prompt for the password, but it is possible
that in this time I could get distracted and come back after the secring
file is removed again (since I remove it automatically) and forget and
cause a segfault, but then I've only my stupid self to blame. check-in: 58b6e98d51 user: tags: origin/tweaks, trunk