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Add ruler below password to aid visual selection of individual chars Been meaning to do this for AGES and I just never got around to it (I always assume doing anything in C is going to be hard and it's just not always the case). Anyway, did today. This just adds a ruler/counter below the password field like so: Password: djdhhfhfkjhfuwhuifbvcnotrealmdsnwehbweha 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890 Which is a huge help for logins that say something along the lines of "Enter character 15, 23 and 31". God knows why I still use this password manager. Securty through obscurity I guess. Leaf check-in: 8ed8a2d99f user: tags: trunk, tweaks
Merge branch 'manualheaven' into tweaks Leaf check-in: 91957153ef user: tags: origin/tweaks, trunk
Remove file that isn't used anyway Just never knew that until moved away from autohell Leaf check-in: 29163ef9b2 user: tags: trunk, manualheaven
Needs reference to a definition of NULL now using new Makefile I'm not sure how it got away with it before? check-in: 10c900ef1d user: tags: trunk, manualheaven
Add (initial) Makefile and in suckless style Based on the and Makefile from suckless's sic actually. The config.h is as was produced from the autohell setup. I'm sure it can be simplified and improved. The and Makefile probably aren't far off. check-in: fcc5ac8547 user: tags: trunk, manualheaven
Change gitignore now moving away from autohell check-in: 5e56b19a49 user: tags: trunk, manualheaven
Move src and doc files to top directory check-in: c14cf350df user: tags: trunk, manualheaven
Remove Autohell junk check-in: 80b7cd3685 user: tags: trunk, manualheaven
Avoid getting stuck in a loop when moving items I have a habit of hitting m instead of M and then getting stuck in a loop of "Sublist does not exist, try again" because there is no sublist I can move to. Although the code is meant to allow you to break out of this by pressing return (the answer[0] bit) it doesn't work for me (perhaps because of the changes I made on ui_statusline_ask_str that restore values on return?). So instead of running it in a loop, just run it once on keypress - it's not exactly a hassle to run it again if I do actually want to move an item and type it wrong. check-in: 84a89d1e8e user: tags: origin/tweaks, trunk
Work-around for segfault & data corruption when secring is not available A couple of things here: 1) I probably use PWMan in a way that wasn't intended: I only make my secret key available to in temporarily, once authorised I delete the secring.gpg file entirely so it isn't hanging about on a machine. So when it times out I need to remember to copy my key back to the machine before I try to re-authorise. Sometimes I forget and ... 2) It seems that for reasons I don't have the inclination or ability to figure out, PWMan segfaults on exit when the secring.gpg isn't available or is 0 bytes (or, probably, doesn't contain the required secret key). This on it's own isn't a bad thing, but when it does this it also seems to have a nasty habit of corrupting the password database; not always in an immediately obvious manner so I can end up "backing up" this corrupted version. So as a workaround (for my usage circumstances), this fix checks whether the secring file is 0 bytes and if it is waits until it isn't (I.e. I've copied it back to the machine) before asking for re-authorisation. This isn't perfect as it only waits once. I.e. if it recognises the secring is available it'll prompt for the password, but it is possible that in this time I could get distracted and come back after the secring file is removed again (since I remove it automatically) and forget and cause a segfault, but then I've only my stupid self to blame. check-in: 58b6e98d51 user: tags: origin/tweaks, trunk
Merge branch 'modernise' into tweaks check-in: 229ff25e0f user: tags: origin/tweaks, trunk
Autohell update to automake 1.14 Leaf check-in: cc36d370ce user: tags: trunk, modernise
WIP on tweaks: 98593a8 Extend the "don't overwrite fields if only carriage return is entered" to password field Leaf check-in: 4a8cb3e9a0 user: tags: trunk, refs/stash
index on tweaks: 98593a8 Extend the "don't overwrite fields if only carriage return is entered" to password field check-in: db8bd43770 user: tags: trunk, refs/stash
Extend the "don't overwrite fields if only carriage return is entered" to password field And also use malloc. What I'd done before wasn't doing what I thought. C newbie and all that. It must have picked up whatever `input` was initialised at, which must be one of STRING_SHORT, STRING_MEDIUM, etc. So it was just by luck it was working. It could have ended up truncating strings I guess? I'm in two minds about the benefit of dynamic allocation though. Since this is hardly a big memory hungry application I could probably just set `oldinput` to the largest possible string length and it'd be fine. check-in: 378769ec43 user: tags: origin/tweaks, trunk
Don't overwrite fields if only carriage return is entered In other words, prevent accidentally deleting fields. This has always bugged me about PWman. If I edit an entry and accidentally press a number to edit one of the fields there is no way to escape out of this. You have to re-type or paste in the old value. This small change means that if you just enter return then the old value is kept. This is good enough for me. There is one downside: if you really want to make a field blank the only way to do it is by entering a space and then return - but I can't think of anytime I've ever wanted to do that. check-in: 1559d3c956 user: tags: origin/tweaks, trunk
Merge branch 'modernise' into tweaks2 check-in: 9ed6b07353 user: tags: origin/tweaks, trunk
More autohell updates. Automake 1.12.6 to 1.13.1 check-in: d5bea8211b user: tags: trunk, modernise