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Add ruler below password to aid visual selection of individual chars Been meaning to do this for AGES and I just never got around to it (I always assume doing anything in C is going to be hard and it's just not always the case). Anyway, did today. This just adds a ruler/counter below the password field like so: Password: djdhhfhfkjhfuwhuifbvcnotrealmdsnwehbweha 1234567890123456789012345678901234567890 Which is a huge help for logins that say something along the lines of "Enter character 15, 23 and 31". God knows why I still use this password manager. Securty through obscurity I guess. file: [1bcf5e6e07] check-in: [8ed8a2d99f] user: branch: tweaks, size: 18970
Merge branch 'manualheaven' into tweaks file: [5266db7980] check-in: [91957153ef] user: branch: origin/tweaks, size: 18552
Move src and doc files to top directory file: [616f5e4de0] check-in: [c14cf350df] user: branch: manualheaven, size: 18598 Added