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Finish programme. Can now supply function the two lists - Add commentary for the state of the stack so I can understand what the hell is going on - Add examples and description - Two functions. Extend work from last commit to make `ratios` which given a number and a list creates the list of triples - Figure out the main programme so can supply the two lists file: [580d5e2892] check-in: [364c19db20] user: branch: origin/master, size: 2989
Oooh, starting to get the hang of this. Ratios takes littlegears as arg Biggears is still defined inline, but ratios is now a proper function. file: [b89c4ada84] check-in: [e2673caf01] user: branch: origin/master, size: 904
Correct qsort1, don't nest gear pairs, build up triples and concat The qsort1 definition was wrong, hence the comment about the wrong result. I'd forgot that `swap23` mentioned here: isn't just `swap`, but rather `[swap] dip`. However, before I realised that I wondered if the nested gear pairs was the issue and decided to build up a flatter list. I.e. [ [ 4.16667 12 50] ... ] as opposed to [ [ 4.16667 [12 50] ] ... ]. I think I prefer this approach anyway as rather than build up a list of ratios, then a list of pairs and then zip these together, can build up two lists of triples and just concat these. file: [336ec0d5d4] check-in: [4535761621] user: branch: origin/master, size: 875
First commit, adding new file. Almost working file: [85ac9acde7] check-in: [8e5a99e87b] user: branch: origin/master, size: 1081 Added