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Bug fix - nth_wrap didn't work for last items in a list

I only noticed this just recently, which means it has been wrong for
about a year! I think it's just luck I'd never come across an issue with
it not working.

I don't know if I'd got half way through writing this and forgot to
finish it off, or whether I was just being an imbecile: If the remainder
is 0 then that should return the last item in a list, not just the
number 1. Leaf check-in: 76eac348fc user: base@atomicules.co.uk tags: trunk, v1.1.0

Better error handling when run from command line

The main problem I had was if the API was down it would catch the error
as intended, but still crash out (and create a crash dump file) because
of the use of `init stop` on the command line; it was crashing because
it was trying to stop something that wasn't running!

So I've changed my command line call and now call `init stop` wih the
script itself.


I didn't want that to mean an erl shell would be exited if an error
occured (that's not going to help debugging) so I had to check how the
code was being run (from command line or in a shell) and do the
appropriate thing.

Also decided to catch everything, not just errors (also exits, etc) and
export the `get_weather` function for more useful debugging in the
shell. check-in: 2a1ffd0bc9 user: base@atomicules.co.uk tags: trunk, v1.0.4

Report out temperature as well check-in: 5539b4fd26 user: base@atomicules.co.uk tags: trunk, v1.0.3
Add in basic error handling of timeouts (and badmatches in XML)

but still let fatal errors, etc occur. Just trying to be tidier when API
is down/slow or is up, but is returning a response saying it is down! check-in: 0c24f44076 user: base@atomicules.co.uk tags: trunk, v1.0.2

Report out actual direction, speed and gust to make more useful

Still could do with intepreting weather type, etc to know if raining.
And take into account the actual speeds check-in: 69547fc18e user: base@atomicules.co.uk tags: trunk, v1.0.1

Make get_locations ok from command line, tidy up, update README

For initial "release"

- Integrate start and headsilose. Silly me, don't need a a function with
a separate name, just separate arguments
- Make get_locations work from the command line with a search term
- Tidy up the export of functions
- Finally tidy up the unused variable warning on Status when reading the
API key


- Remove done todo, add new ones
- Much more detail into usage section
- Add credits check-in: c55cd91138 user: base@atomicules.co.uk tags: trunk, v1.0.0