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History of osrm.erl

Add basic implementation for selecting between route geometries

Not a great implementation, but it works. If no route geometry choice is
made it defaults to the default "route_geometry". If
"alternative_geometries" is specified it uses the first one of the
alternatives (because as far as I can tell there is only ever one
alternative? I supposed at some point I could extend if needed, perhaps
use a tuple argument: {"alternative_geomtries", 1}). file: [018fb05fda] check-in: [6807958aad] user: base@atomicules.co.uk branch: refs/stash, size: 2923

Remove some redundant comments file: [42f9001f4b] check-in: [0c4224822a] user: base@atomicules.co.uk branch: origin/master, size: 2624
Housekeeping: Formatting, variable naming consistency, etc

- Get rid of the mixed up mess of CamelCase, underscores, prefixes,
suffixes, abbreviations, full names, etc.
- Make indenting of lists:map functions consistent
- Remove spurious whitespace file: [bfb6732e02] check-in: [301914a6a1] user: base@atomicules.co.uk branch: origin/master, size: 2860

Rename function to something more sensible file: [e8b83630cc] check-in: [47dd9b33c8] user: base@atomicules.co.uk branch: origin/master, size: 2841
First commit of OSRM API bit to get route geometry

Commiting this in a back-to-front way as I actually first started with
this file before doing the polyline branch. But it was as doing this
that I realised I was going to need a polyline decoder after all because
the API didn't actually return the route instructions and so I'd have to
use the route geometry instead.

So this is just a "works enough to develop further" commit so I can work
on the changes to headsilose.erl next. file: [23c0fdc0f2] check-in: [a0c2266624] user: base@atomicules.co.uk branch: origin/master, size: 2839 Added