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Parents and children of check-in [e4268c4b4e]

Make the add_menu and add_win subs work I was still using the "variable pointers" technique, well trying to, and it wasn't working for things like `set_menu_win` so pull this back out into main. Seg faults on exit, but haven't fixed that bit yet. check-in: c2741c67e7 user: base@atomicules.co.uk tags: origin/master, trunk
Try separate win and menu functions instead of trying to wrap everything in one. This way I know I can return the correct thing and I know I'm setting things as expected. As opposed to previous attempt where I was (trying) to use variable pointers, but with pointers to pointers, etc. And was obviously a bit beyond me. check-in: e4268c4b4e user: base@atomicules.co.uk tags: origin/master, trunk
Add debug options to Makefile Not as simple as adding `-g` option as also need to ensure not calling the `-s` option which strips the debug info. Decided to change so have a `make` and a `make debug` check-in: 86fd753f70 user: base@atomicules.co.uk tags: origin/master, trunk