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Parents and children of check-in [a88f7285c1]

Add debug options to Makefile Not as simple as adding `-g` option as also need to ensure not calling the `-s` option which strips the debug info. Decided to change so have a `make` and a `make debug` check-in: 86fd753f70 user: base@atomicules.co.uk tags: origin/master, trunk
For ref: Try wrapping menu and window creation in single function Got this so it drew everything ok, but segfaults as soon as a key is pressed. I obviously don't understand pointers, etc properly yet. As although it's drawn the menus it hasn't "attached" them the the objects/pointers I was expecting. check-in: a88f7285c1 user: base@atomicules.co.uk tags: origin/master, trunk
Make exposure menu functional - Make it function so that user is constrained to exposure menu initially and must select value there. - Once selected, the ISO menu becomes active and user must select value there - Finally make both shutter and aperture menus actives (switch between them with left/right arrow keys). Whichever is selected, the other will be calculated. This is not very pretty: - I don't like having both the selection_counter and menu_counter. Seems almost redundant. Made sense before I constrained selections and stepped through the menu's etc (and therefore you could re-select), but now seems annoying to have to keep it only for how last two menus work. - I don't like the repetitive menu creation stuff. That should be DRY-ed up. check-in: 580afe6ab4 user: base@atomicules.co.uk tags: origin/master, trunk