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Use existing content_map to provide cache control header per file type

Ideally I'd prefer to do it with a regex or partial match on the content type, but everything is already setup for us to piggyback on this instead. I.e. I'd like to do multiple arguments like this:

-h "image" "private, max-age=604800" -h "css" "private, max-age=86400"

or a single argument where we split the string on a comma:

-h "image,css" "private, max-age=604800"

but instead I am happy enough to be able to do:

-h .jpg "private, max-age=604800" -h .png "private, max-age=86400"

It's good enough for what I want to stop here.

- Adds a new cache-bozo.c file
- Adds a new field in the existing map used for the cache control header
- Extends all existing functions as required to reference this new field. Leaf check-in: 6d39f799f6 user: atomicules tags: trunk

Set cache-control only for images

A bit of an intermediate commit, just investigating what works. I think really
need to be able to pass in a string and a cache-control header and it'll use
strstr to determine which header to set. I.e so you can pass in:

"image" "max-age=604800"
"css" "max-age=86400"

The bit I'm then missing is how to set a catch all or "owtelse" cache-control?
Maybe look for one argument? check-in: dda2552f49 user: atomicules tags: trunk

Initial work on setting Cache-Control headers

The bit that foxed me was understanding getopts and that the "h" needed a ":"
after it because the option accepts and argument. It'll happily build and run
without this, but segfault when you try to use a "-h" argument.

This definitely and utterly sets a header. It doesn't seem that it's recognised
properly for whatever reason though, e.g here:


and here:


But what can you do?

At the moment this just sets a header everywhere for everything being served.
What would be better would be just setting this on certain file types. check-in: a29fb4fb10 user: atomicules tags: trunk

Add version 20170201 of Bozohttpd check-in: b786821675 user: atomicules tags: trunk
initial empty check-in check-in: 0fe8cd1d44 user: atomicules tags: trunk